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The Nordic Pro-Fly Fishing company is a "one man company". The company has a few partners, companies and private person who have good experiences about fly fishing. Our office is in city of Oulu and our area of operation is Northern Finland. City of Oulu is middle in Finland about 150 km from Arctic Circle to south. The company have also VAT number.

Author of Nordic Pro-Fly Fishing - Mikko Halonen. Photo by Markku Korhonen Profile of company
Man behaind of the company is Mikko Halonen. He is also main guide. He has been tying flies 30 years and fly fishing only 28 years. He is 43 year old, well known fly fisherman and innovative fly tyer in Finland.

Journalism, courses and lectures
Mikko was one of the originator and, member of the editorial board and a field editor (1998-2006) in a high-quality Finnish fly fishing magazine called Pohjolan Perhokalastaja. He has published dozens articles in the Finnish fly fishing magazines.

His articles have been published in a Scotland based Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine. First article was "Grayling on streamers" (issue October 2003) and second was "Grayling on the sea shore" (issue November 2004, International Fly-Fisher’s guide 2004). Also one article, "Fly fishing for grayling in the Nordic Countries" have been published in The Journal of the Grayling Society. He has published three book in finnish; one about Finnish Salmon Flies called "Valikoituja Lohiperhoja" (February 2005). Second book (March 2008) about Grayling called "Perhokalastajan Harjus" with Polish Stanislaw Cios. And latest book (February 2012) about Flies for White fish called "Siikaperhoja".
He has been involved in organizing few of courses in fly fishing and fly tying in Finland. He has also given several lectures in various Finnish fly fishing clubs.
Fly fishing is a passion, hobby and his life style but in office time he working for Nokia Siemens Networks and he is Engineer, Software Project Manager.

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