Perhokalastajan Harjus -book

New book about grayling fly fishing in finnish called "Perhokalastajan Harjus" is available. Authors of the book are Mikko Halonen and polish Stanislaw Cios. They have a long time experience of fly fishing and specially fly fishing for grayling.

Book will give new ideas (well-grounded) for fishing technique and tactics. You will get information how, when and where you can fishing for grayling. Grounded for every technique and tactics comes from entomology areas and stomac contens of the fish.

Perhokalastajan Harjus - Kuva Mikko Halonen The book include information of different kind of water system where you can find grayling. A lot of information about rivers, rapids between lakes, lakes and Gulf of Bothnia.

Book is hardcover. 328 pages includ: 117 flies, 257 photos, 25 draws and 35 tables. So, book is also illustrated book of Grayling. Book (ISBN 978-952-92-1537-9) is author's (Mikko Halonen & Nordic Pro-Fly Fishing company) edition.

You can make an order here. Price of the book is 50 € (inc. purchase tax) + postage 10 € (depend on country).

Please send e-mail if you want order it or more information:

Few sample articles about grayling: Articles

Few samples from book, use Acrobat Reader: Cover (.pdf 807 kb), Pages 10-11 (.pdf 1.08 Mb), Pages 40-41 (.pdf 1.22 Mb), Pages 60-61 (.pdf 759 kb), Pages 106-107 (.pdf 1.63 Mb) and Pages 282-283 (.pdf 485 kb).

Check book review also from FliegenFischen (05/2009) and Flugfiske i Norden 1/2010 magazine.

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